St. James Catholic Elementary School
November 21, 2023

Beyond Professional Development: St. James Staff Participate in Ribbon Skirt and Shirt Making

St. James Staff participated in a Professional Activity (PA) Day on November 10th. In addition to planning for Student Achievement, the St. James team actively engaged in culturally enriching activities, including Ribbon Skirt/Shirt making and Rock painting, coordinated by Jessie Gorman, the school’s Indigenous Support Worker (ISW), alongside her cousin Leanne.

The significance of the cultural background was explained for both activities and, fostered collaboration among staff while enabling them to forge numerous connections throughout the day.

“Including the Indigenous culture into the school is an on-going task that all staff take part in beautifully and wholehearted,” say’s Jessie. “We had a day dedicated to hands on learning that focused on self-care, healthy well-being but more importantly- healing. Sharing knowledge of Indigenous histories and culture was the focal point on this day that everyone will carry long into their learning journey. St James commitment to Truth and Reconciliation is strong and genuine.”

During lunch, staff members enjoyed each other’s company while savouring homemade corn soup and Nish tacos. This shared experience not only nourished bodies but also strengthened the bonds within the team.

“The day showcased our commitment as Catholic Educators, blending professional development with cultural understanding. It was a day of learning, bonding, and living out our mission/vision as Catholic Educators.” Say’s Principal David Soehner.

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