* Please note that this list may combine current and previous school year staff until the first or second week of September. If clarification is required please contact the school.
Lucie Lapalme-Cullen Principal
Laurie Peterson Clement Grade 1 & 2
Tammy Lanci Grade 2 & 3
Jesse Maloney Grade 3 & 4
Kyley Mchugh Grade 4 & 5
Anne-Marie Machum Grade 5 & 6
Jennifer Swearengen Grade 7 & 8
Kristine Denomme Grade 8
Francine Gaudette Core French
Sandra Stopar ECI
Kaitlin-Anne Cottrell Early Child Ed.
Eric Miron Music
Duncan Mcintosh Native Studies
Duncan Mcintosh Prep Time
Sandra Stopar Prep Time
Sarah Pappin Resource
Ashley Widder Resource
Adriano Simonato Vision Resource
Carolyn Hagen Grade 1
Natalie Bozic-Iotzov Grade 2 & 3
Adrienne Mcintyre Grade 3 & 4
Camille Heaton Grade 5 & 6
Tammy O'Shaughnessy Grade 7 & 8
Krista Orazi Early Child Ed.
Leslie Stepancich Full Day Kinderg
Doris Connors Educational Assistant
Benjamin Davidson Educational Assistant
Nadine Taylor Educational Assistant
Claudio Ronchin Custodian
Darla Martin Assistant Custodian
Cindy Beaulieu Lunch Room Supervisor
Tracy Cumming Lunch Room Supervisor
Marlene Fahey Lunch Room Supervisor
Claire Hobden Lunch Room Supervisor
Ruth Nelson Lunch Room Supervisor
Carmen Nyabeze Lunch Room Supervisor
Jennifer Coufal Lunch Room Supply
Janice Johnson Lunch Room Supply
Linda Risk Lunch Room Supply
Anthony Rocchio Teacher

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