Our Programs

Math Challenge

Students in grades 5 - 8 can participate in Math Challenge. These children, in groups of three, need to work cooperatively in order to solve challenging math problems. The teams then compete against many other schools within our Board. Teams will have 5 challenges starting in October and ending in May. The to 3 teams are announced by June of each year.

Track and Field

All students in grades 3 - 6 and grade 7 - 8 participate in school wide track and field events in late May early June. All events take place during school hours.

Early Reading Intervention

Early success is an early reading intervention program that focusses on both word recognition and comprehension strategies delivered to groups of six or less Grade 1 & 2 Regular Program Students. Student selection is based on early reading achievement data provided by the Senior Kindergarten Teachers. As the program progresses, an "I can read" attitude quickly develops.

Dearness Conservation

Dearness Conservation (DC) is a practical, student-driven, activity-based program that brings environmental education alive in our schools. A cooperative team of students, teachers, principals, custodians and parents work together with Dearness Conservation partners in a multi-year program designed to increase sustainability by helping schools conserve resources and protect the environment

Snack Programs

Childhood Enfance make it possible to provide nutritious snacks for all students.

Learning with Technology

Grade 4 - 8 Writing Literacy Program incorporates the use of the Apple iBook. This program greatly enhances student skills and provides them with the latest in mobile technology. Thousands of students in more than 400 schools across Canada and the United States are using Apple learning solutions to reinforce the fundamentals and develop 21st century learning skills. They and their teachers have learned to use technology as the foundation of learning, research, collaboration, communication, and creative self-expression. Learning is enhanced with the use of Smartboards. An eMac, a technological tool to promote literacy and numeracy and to enhance student learning is designed specifically for the Kindergarten program. St. James is extremely pleased to be part of this exciting and innovative program.

Other Activities

St. James students are also involved in the following: Terry Fox Run, Virtue of the Month Character Building, Book Fair, Daily Physical Activity, Science North excursions, visits to local theatre productions, pizza days, Spirit Days, Oral Communications, Skating, School Barbeques, Operation Christmas Child, Literacy/Numeracy Days and various contests held throughout the year.



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