Pichi Ngamo at St. James Catholic School

Photographed with Lana Trudeau are St. James students Kasa Soucy (left) holding the Aboriginal Talking Stick, Matisha Nootchtai, Tyanna Soucy, Stecia Nootchtai, Janna Miller-Dokis, Cierra Corbiere, and Lauren Abel. Missing is Nadine Nootchtai.

June 6, 2011 - Lana Trudeau, Aboriginal support worker with the Sudbury Catholic School Board has the led the Pichi Ngamo Program (Robin Sing) at St. James Catholic School. The Pichi Ngamo program is a seven session Aboriginal focus lunch program, which builds cultural esteem and pride. The students involved in the project had the opportunity to create cultural crafts such as Medicine bags, handshakers, and beaded key chains. Also included in the Pichi Ngamo program, is the tradition of the Talking Stick. In this tradition the Talking Stick is passed around the circle and whoever is holding the stick can speak of any moment in their personal history. The Talking Stick is a symbol of respect for the thoughts and stories of all participants and what is said in the circle remains there.



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