St. James Catholic School Hosts Aboriginal “Mishoomis and Nikoomis Day”

Art Petahtegoose explains the “legend of the drum” to Mrs. Anderson’s Grade 1/2 class

November 21, 2007 - As part of its School Improvement Plan, the St. James Catholic School Parent Council initiated an Aboriginal Cultural Awareness Committee to promote Native cultural understanding and appreciation to both native and non-native students.

Mishoomis (grandfathers) and Nikoomis, (grandmothers) of the St. James Catholic School’s Native students were invited to visit the school to make a variety of presentations such as; eagle feather teaching, native craft making, aboriginal storytelling, how to clean a fish, how to do bead work, how to make moccasins, etc. One child in each class had been linked up with their own grandparent for the morning event.

View video of the event on the Sudbury Star's website.



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