St. James Catholic School Council


On behalf of the St. James School community, the Sudbury Catholic District School Board would like to extend its sincere thanks for the invaluable contributions of the parents, staff and community representatives of the St. James School Catholic School Council. Interested individuals are encouraged to contact St. James School at (705)692-3974 to find out how they can become involved.

Council Executive

Principal: Lucie Lapalme-Cullen
Co- Chair: Mia Gedye Co-
Co- Chair: Tiffanie Podstawka Co-
Secretary: Frank Rocca

General Membership

Parent Representatives : Erin Coates
Jen Collins
Maurizio DePoli
Melanie Desloges
Julie Johnson
Angela Jolette
Krista Kowaluk
Selina Lachance
Tina Nootchtai
Carmen Nyabeze
Jennifer Potter
Jennifer Timmers
Celina Van Druenen
Keri Wagner
Staff Representatives : Laura Bubalo
Doris Connors
Student Representative : Ethan Soucy
Teacher Representative : Kyley McHugh
Pastoral Representative : Kristine Denomme
Community Representative : Sharon Oliver


Next School Council Meeting: Thursday, June 22nd @ 6:00 pm


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